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Colorado Springs Sprinkler Repair Tips For a Homeowner

The spring and summer time in Colorado Springs, brings on all types on landscaping issues, like sprinkler repair.  The coaches have a few tips for a homeowner when trying to do a basic repair for your sprinkler leak.

Sprinkler Repair Colorado Springs

With the change of landscape in the front yard, we needed a few modifications to the height of our sprinkler heads. Here’s a step-by-step of the project:

1. Remove all hardware

Saving sprinkler heads will save you time and money. New sprinkler heads will require you to adjust water spray angle and flow.

2. Cut PVC

We purchased a PVC repair kit for less than $10. The kit included PVC cutter, plumber’s tape, flow adjuster (and a few more items). Save yourself a few trips to the store and be sure not to guess the diameter of your PVC.

3.  Make connections

Apply PVC cement to outside of PVC pipe and cuppling. WARNING: Wear gloves when using PVC cement. (I’ve been told it feels worse than fire ant bites.)

4. Allow cement to cure

It is recommended that you allow 15 minutes for cement to set before testing. We ran the sprinkler system (full cycle) after 30 minutes with no problems.

5. Make necessary adjustments

Set the water spray by adjusting sprinkler head. I recommend adjustable sprinkler heads and not those set to a specific angle (90, 180, etc.) It allows for a fully customizable (and changeable) option….More at Sprinkler Repair: a Guide | The Boys from Cherry Street


We hope the pointers above wil give you a few ideas on how to complete a basic Colorado Springs sprinkler repair.  Sometimes these repairs can be a little confusing or too technical for homeowners.    To see how Coaches landscaping can help you with your landscaping ….  GO HERE …..

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